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About Safe and Sound

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About Us:

Last year, around 7000 healthy dogs were killed in the UK. They died afraid and alone - unclaimed strays, tossed aside unwanted toys. Britain's throw away society has gone mad.

Many people are unaware that if a dog is picked up stray, the local authority are only obliged to keep the dog for 7 days. If a dog is unclaimed after this time, and no safe place can be found, it is usually destroyed.

Safe and Sound works with stray dog pounds all over the UK, to find RESCUES SPACES for dogs (of all breeds) who have already served their 7 days and are at serious risk of destruction.

We strive to secure placements with established, reputable rescues who can offer these vulnerable dogs a lifeline.

Our Criteria:

Rescues offering their help to our poundies MUST:
Be strictly non-destruct (unless on the advice of a veterinary surgeon)
Vaccinate, microchip and neuter all dogs before rehoming (unless a vet advises against it)
Home check all prospective new homes before releasing the dog
Offer LIFETIME rescue back up to the dog - the dog must be able to come back to the rescue at any time in the future if needed.



We are not a rehoming organisation: any rehoming must be done via an established rescue, with full rescue back up in place.

There are a number of reasons for this:

Firstly, most of these dogs have little or no history; they need to be properly assessed by an experienced rescuer before being introduced to the general public.

All dogs need to be vaccinated, neutered and microchipped before they can go into new homes. Rehoming unvaccinated, unassessed dogs can potentially put dozens of unsuspecting pets and owners at serious risk. With Britain's stray dog problem as it is, we do not want any of our dogs ending up as breeding machines. We also ask that our dogs are microchipped, so that they never end up back in the pound on death row again.

The most important thing about securing Rescue Back Up (RBU) is that our dogs will never be on their own again - they have rescue friends for life.

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