Polly needs rescue URGENT SAFE

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Polly needs rescue URGENT SAFE

Post  janaclare on Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:17 am

URGENT RESCUE SPACE NEEDED (not ready for rehoming)


4-5 month old Retriever cross female. A delightful little girl, who is very gentle. Suspect she may have lived with children, as came in hand decorated with purple felt tip pen! Polly is starting to learn basic commands- she already knows her name, sit and down. She is crate trained and very nearly house trained too. Is good off the lead, doesn't go far from you. Has been well socialised with other dogs of all sizes whilst at the pound and seems good with them. Currently in Emergency Foster with the pound manager due to her age, but his own dogs are very unhappy about this so she needs a rescue space urgently.

Any rescues offering a space MUST:

Be strictly non-destruct (unless on the advice of a veterinary surgeon)
Vaccinate, microchip and neuter all dogs prior to rehoming (unless a vet advises against it)
Home check all prospective new homes before releasing the dog
Offer LIFETIME rescue back up to the dog - the dog must be able to come back to the rescue at any time.
Assess all dogs in a safe, controlled environment before allowing them to come into contact with members of the public. This is either in kennels or in a child free home where they are able to separate the dog from existing pets initially.
Ensure no pound dogs are placed directly into a home with young children. Dogs must be assessed for their suitability for young families before coming into contact with children under 10.


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