Max, SBT - needs rescue space URGENT SAFE

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Max, SBT - needs rescue space URGENT SAFE

Post  janaclare on Sun May 05, 2013 11:48 pm

RGENT RESCUE SPACE NEEDED: Not ready for rehoming


SBT entire male, 5 years old. A delightful brindle and white staffie boy who came into the pound via social services after his owner died in January. Max has met lots of dogs at the pound and has been brilliant with all of them. He is fully vaccinated (inc KC squirt) - booster due in May 2013.

We are seeking spaces with established, reputable rescues which:

Are non-destruct (unless on the advice of a veterinary surgeon)
Vaccinate, microchip and neuter all dogs prior to rehoming (unless a vet advises against it)
Conduct a home visit for all foster/forever homes before releasing the dog
Offer LIFETIME rescue back up to the dog - the dog must be able to come back to the rescue at any time.
Fully assess all dogs in a safe, controlled environment before introducing them to members of the public. This is either in kennels or in a very experienced, child free, cat free foster home able to separate the incoming dog from existing dogs whilst it is assessed.
Ensure no pound dogs are placed straight into homes with young children. Dogs must be assessed for their suitability for young families before coming into contact with under 10s.

If your rescue centre is new to us, we may seek references, ask you to complete our 'rescue check' form and/or conduct a site visit.


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Re: Max, SBT - needs rescue space URGENT SAFE

Post  Guest on Wed May 15, 2013 11:08 pm

Max is safe and now in rescue


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